Greetings, good citizens of the internet! For the millions of you who have never heard of me and got here completely by mistake, I am the author of two award-winning novels, Bereft  and The Low Road. I also write short stories, occasional book reviews and essays. Some of these you can read here.

My latest exciting news is that my third novel, titled Cairo, is now available in all good bookstores in Australia and the UK - and maybe even some lousy ones, who knows? Spanish and French translations of my first novel The Low Road are also now available through Es Pop Ediciones and Albin Michel, respectively. The Spanish title is Por Mal Camino, the French La Mauvaise Pente. You can check it out here.

I have so far resisted the lure of a blog but if you need to ask me anything, you’re welcome to drop me a line via my Contact page. Thanks for your visit.