My fourth novel - City of Crows

I'm absolutely thrilled to finally announce publicly that my fourth novel, City of Crows, will be published in 2017 as part of a three-book deal with Picador Australia.

City of Crows is set in France in 1673, the era of The Sun King, Louis XIV, when French power was at its height. When fever kills her husband, Charlotte Picot is desperate to save herself and her only surviving child, Nicolas. They flee their tiny village, but Nicolas is abducted and Charlotte summons a strange and villainous fellow to help her rescue him. Meanwhile, a notorious magician is unexpectedly released from the prison galleys where he has served a brutal sentence for dabbling in the occult. It's fair to say there'll be some magic, fortune telling and a whiff of The Devil.

I'm very excited by this novel and I've been lucky enough to travel to France several times in the past few years to write and do research on books of magic in the Bilbiotheque National in Paris. City of Crows is scheduled for release in September 2017. 

Part of the attraction of Picador for me was the chance to work with their new publisher Geordie Williamson, who is not only one of the most charming people in publishing but has one of the best literary minds I've ever encountered. The deal was facilitated by Jay Mandel and Matilda Forbes-Watson at William Morris Entertainment talent agency.