Sleepers Almanac X

Hi. I'm really pleased to have a totally new short story titled 'Headful of Bees' published in the forthcoming Sleepers Almanac. It will be the 10th - and final - almanac, so something of a collector's edition.

After all these years of trying, those two tough cookies Louise Swinn and Zoe Dattner have finally deemed my work to be up to scratch. Other writers in this edition include Melissa Howard, Leticia Parish, Alison Strumberger Ryan O’Neill, Oslo Davis and Gay Lynch. Should be very fine. 

The almanac is out in October and the launch is on October 1st at Bella Union at Trades Hall, 54 Victoria Street, Carlton. Sadly, I can't make it so go along in my stead and drink lots of beer or something. It's sure to be a pretty fun night.